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When the Russian Federation can launch a new airstrike on Ukraine: a source spoke about the preparation of air bases

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This information was reported by Gulagu.net, reports URA-Inform.  

A Russian human rights organization, citing its trusted source in the Russian intelligence services, reported that the occupiers are preparing a massive strike against Ukraine using strategic aviation.

The organization noted that the Russian Aerospace Forces will undertake a new massive attack on Ukraine in the first days of January. They emphasized that the Russian air bases are now being prepared for the operation, and they have been placed in a special regime.

«Today our source reported that significant long-range aviation forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces are preparing for strikes on January 1 and 2, 2024 on the territory of Ukraine», — human rights activists wrote.

At the same time, they clarified that the information was shared by the same source who in May 2023 warned about the threat of using ballistic missiles against Kyiv. Then the information was confirmed, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were able for the first time to intercept Russian Kinzhal missiles, which were previously considered invulnerable.

We recall that it was previously reported when the Russian Federation could launch an even larger-scale air strike on Ukraine: Samus named the date .

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