• 17/04/2024 01:51

Where do the Russians direct their attacks most when shelling Ukraine: explanation from the Ministry of Energy

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This information was reported by Rbc, reports URA-Inform.  

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine records the concentration of Russian shelling and attacks on the energy infrastructure. Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy Yaroslav Demchenkov noted that we are talking, first of all, about front-line regions.

«During this heating season, of course, we are all We see that such massive attacks on energy infrastructure did not occur. The enemy concentrated mainly on the front-line regions,” he said.

According to him, both generation and distribution facilities are destroyed in such areas. There were also hits in coal mines and the gas supply system.  At the same time, Demchenkov added that work is being carried out to assess the consequences of enemy attacks and economic damage, in particular for energy companies.

Also, the Ministry of Energy created a special working group in order to «quickly meet the needs of companies in power equipment».

We recall that it was previously reported what is left of the Russian Navy: the Ukrainian Navy has summed up its results.

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