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Where is the 9th planet hiding in the solar system: scientists have determined the location

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The theory of the existence of the Ninth Planet in the Solar System arose from the assumption that there may be hidden behind the orbit of Pluto yet another planet, and recent research has shed light on this cosmic mystery.

This information is provided by the Science Alert resource, reports URA-Inform.

What did the representatives of science do?

Professor Mike Brown from the California Institute of Technology was the lead author of the study. He noted that scientists continue to systematically scan all areas of the celestial sphere where Planet Nine could presumably be located. Thanks to Pan-STARRS data, it was possible to significantly narrow the search area, eliminating 78% of the potential locations of Planet X.

The Mysterious Planet Problem

Although Planet Nine remains just a hypothesis, Professor Brown expressed confidence that scientists are approaching an important discovery. It is planned to launch the LSST (Legacy Survey of Space and Time) study, which will include a program of studying the southern sky for ten years. This will help astronomers not only determine the properties of dark matter, but also trace the evolution of the Milky Way galaxy.


The idea of ​​the existence of the Ninth Planet appeared even after discovery of Neptune in 1846 and received support in scientific research, starting with the memoirs of D. Kirkwood in 1880 and the articles of astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in 1946. More recent studies, including those in which Professor Brown took part, continue to accumulate evidence of the possible existence of Planet Nine.

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