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Which Ukrainians should not be sent to “zero”: the military man named the category of citizens

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This information was reported by Telegraf, URA-Inform reports.  

Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, and now a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Igor Lutsenko, named the category of Ukrainians who cannot be sent to «zero».

He noted that citizens of different professions fall into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, a mechanism for alternative military service should be developed for qualified engineers.

«If you are a qualified engineer, then you do not go to the front line, but work in your specialty. This is really badly needed, because production is dying from staff shortages. Of course, I am modeling the principle of overcoming the problem, we need to seriously think about this,” he said.

According to him, in Ukraine engineering professions are losing their value, and it is difficult to find qualified specialists very difficult.

«For example, physically healthy men can be made into infantrymen. But only 5 or even 10 percent can make real engineers. I know of many cases where people who could be useful for defending the Motherland in the rear are maimed at the front due to the ineffective use of their skills and capabilities. Therefore, we should take a tough and pragmatic approach so as not to send everyone to the front line,” Lutsenko summed up.

Let us recall that it was previously reported that he went to get a hat, but ended up in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the soldier told how he ended up at the front (video).

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