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Why are the buttons on different sides in men's and women's clothing?

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Historians have told us where the tradition of sewing buttons on men's shirts on the right and on women's shirts on the left came from.

< p>This information was reported by IFLScience, reports URA-Inform.  

One theory is that on men's clothing the buttons were located on the right side so that the clothing would not get in the way during fencing.

“Gentlemen carried the sword on the left side so that it could be quickly drawn with the right hand. If the jacket buttoned from right to left, then the hilt of the sword would most likely catch on the buttons, so any fencer would ask for a jacket that buttoned from left to right. This tradition then spread to other items of men’s clothing,” they said.

There are also a number of theories as to why women’s buttons were moved to the other side.

According to one of them, women's buttons were located on the opposite side to make them easier for strangers, such as maids, to fasten. Since most people were right-handed, the placement of buttons on women's clothing made it easier for the person standing opposite them to button the dress.

Apparently, this feature turned into one of the signs of wealth, the placement of buttons showed that you were too rich to dress yourself.

But there is another theory, which says that women's clothes were fastened on the opposite side so that when riding a horse, the wind would not get under the clothes. It is noted that at that time women rode side saddles and sat sideways in them.

“The difference in the location of buttons in men's and women's clothing, in fact, is a relic of the 13th century, which was never corrected in our lifetimes,” the historians noted.

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