• 22/04/2024 19:03

Why did the Russian Federation take a pause in massive shelling of Ukraine: the Ukrainian Armed Forces explained what this is connected with

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Speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ilya Yevlash said that the Russian occupiers may soon repeat massive shelling of Ukraine.

This information was reported by Rbc, URA-Inform reports.  

At the same time,  he noted that the Air Force is ready to repel enemy attacks.

« Of course, we do not exclude powerful massive attacks from the enemy, since now we see that the enemy has a certain break. He studies our situation, where exactly the air defense is located, uses folds of the relief, terrain, river beds, where he can move undetected by our forces», — stated the speaker.

Ilya Yevlash is confident that the Russians took a break from shelling because they are probably accumulating resources for attacks on Ukrainian territories.

«The enemy is accumulating its resources for further massive attacks after preparation, reconnaissance and analysis of the actions that it is currently carrying out. We are ready to repel attacks, we are reloading, moving», — Yevlash emphasized.

We recall that it was previously reported that Putin will escalate: Bloomberg told what kind of war the head of the Russian Federation wants to wage.

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