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Why do you need a small hole in the lock: the answer will surprise many

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As it turned out, this hole performs an important function.

This information was reported by Telegraf, reports “URA” -Inform”.  

The use of padlocks is quite diverse: they can be used to lock utility rooms, secure bicycles with a chain lock, or protect garden gates.

Probably many have noticed that high-quality padlocks There is usually a small additional hole next to the key hole. It turns out that the hole in the padlock is made for a reason, but performs an important function.

The thing is that in most cases, padlocks are used outdoors, where weather conditions change every day. We are talking about dust, rain, snow.

For this reason, designers came up with the idea of ​​​​making a small hole in them to drain rainwater. This prevents rust from forming on the inside of the spring that raises the padlock shackle.

In addition, the hole is designed to prevent the padlock mechanism from freezing too quickly in the cold in winter.

Also, the small hole makes it easier to lubricating the lock in cases where the key turns with difficulty or the shackle opens only with force. Then you can drip a little machine oil into that small hole, and after a few minutes the shackle begins to turn like new.

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