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Why does a cat go to sleep next to its owner: what does it mean by this?

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You can often see how cats go to sleep near their owners, but people cannot understand the reasons for such actions of the pet.

Aktualno reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Experts say that cats mostly sleep on top of humans because it is convenient for them. However, there are other reasons for such actions.

Search for warmth and safety

Cats, like most animals, look for the warmest place to rest. Lying next to you, they can feel the warmth of your body and feel protected, especially at night when there is less movement and noise around.

Showing affection

Sleeping together with a cat can be a manifestation of its affection and love for its owner. She chooses your proximity as a place to relax, which indicates a warm relationship between you.

Natural signs and energies

There are beliefs that the location of a cat during sleep may have signs or indicate certain aspects of the owner’s state and emotions. For example, lying on its feet, a cat, according to signs, can free you from negative energies.

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