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Why Europeans and Americans don’t actually eat buckwheat: the answer will surprise many

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Buckwheat is one of the most popular cereals in Ukraine — it is not only used as a side dish, but is also present as an important ingredient in many recipes.

This information was reported by Glavred, reports URA-Inform.

And because for the diet of our country such a product is quite familiar, so for many it may be a real discovery why Europeans and Americans do not eat buckwheat. They have a specific reason for this.

The fact is that buckwheat is an unpretentious plant — it does not require very special conditions when growing. And because of its unpretentiousness and very wide distribution, this plant in America and a number of European countries was considered animal food.

In Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Portugal, buckwheat was considered an “Arabic” plant. It was also often called “pagan” cereal.

In fact, buckwheat is a very healthy cereal — it contains a lot of vitamins and microelements, as well as amino acids. Therefore, such a product is definitely worth having in your diet, because this cereal will have a positive effect on health and well-being.

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