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Why is the Russian Federation terrorizing the civilian population of Ukraine: Kirby said what the Kremlin is trying to achieve

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Kirby reported this information during a briefing, URA-Inform reports.  

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said the Kremlin's bloody tactics are part of what the Russian Federation has been trying to do since the start of the winter months.

According to him, Russian terrorists are carrying out systematic attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine in order to deplete the state’s air defense. The Russians are also trying to increase the number of civilian casualties to demoralize them.

«Namely — increase the number of victims among the Ukrainian population in order to break their will», — Kirby emphasized.

The White House representative assured that such attacks by the invaders on civilian Ukrainian targets continue despite the lack of serious successes at the front. At the same time, Kirby does not rule out that the Russian army may increase offensive operations after the soil in Ukraine becomes harder.

Recall that it was previously reported how many civilian Ukrainians the Russian Federation killed on January 23: the Prosecutor General named a sad figure.

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