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Why people can’t smell their home: expert explanation

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This question attracts the attention of many scientists.

Thecut reported this information, reports “URA- Inform”.  

Cognitive psychologist Pamela Dalton, drawing on the concept of olfactory adaptation, or «nasal blindness» answered why, when returning home, we usually do not notice a characteristic smell, even if it is present.

According to her, this is explained by the fact that our brain quickly adapts to a constant smell, considering it safe and not requiring special attention. Therefore, after a few moments we stop paying attention to the smell, which might have been noticeable to us the first time.

Pamela Dalton has done some interesting research by exposing participants to aromatic substances and studying how their perceptions change over time. It turns out that the more intense an odor seems, the more sensitive our noses become to it.

This may explain why some people react more strongly to odors than others. What can be done to «reconfigure» your brain and start noticing the smells of your environment again?

The first step — it's diversity. If you frequently change the atmosphere or add different scents to your home, your nose will become more sensitive to new smells. Taking regular breaks and increasing blood flow to the brain, such as through exercise, also helps.

So while our brain may become accustomed to the smells around us, there are ways to reactivate it and begin to notice and appreciate the scents of our environment again. dwellings.

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