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Why “shaheds” are not shot down when crossing the Ukrainian border: Ignat explained how air defense works

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This information was reported by Focus, reports URA-Inform.  

He recalled that all drones fly along routes prepared by Russian operators using the terrain, and these routes are constantly changing. The borders of Ukraine have a length of 2500 kilometers and «Shahed» can fly in from any point, choosing routes so that they can be intercepted as little as possible.

«The mobile fire group is armed with heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, MANPADS. Yes, there are many of these groups — hundreds and thousands, but Ukraine is also a big country. The enemy knows the approximate location of our anti-aircraft missile systems. And it is clear that we will not put in the field the minimum amount of funds that we have. It is necessary to protect not the field, but the people in cities with a population of over a million, where the main objects that the enemy wants to destroy are concentrated», — Ignat said.

He also recalled that the main target is Kyiv, so there is a lot of air defense in the capital, but also «Daggers» flying to the capital. Therefore, disperse the air defense and place it further from the city — impossible, because then the ring with which it is necessary to cover the radius of destruction will increase.

We recall that it was previously reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to use a new strategy in the war with the Russian Federation: an expert told what it is.

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