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Why Zaluzhny has not yet been appointed ambassador to Britain: the real reason revealed

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Journalists conducted an investigation into the delay in the appointment of the former commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzhny, to the post of Ukrainian Ambassador to London.

This information was reported by “Politics of the Country”, citing its sources, reports “URA-Inform”.

Although President Vladimir Zelensky announced the appointment of Zaluzhny as ambassador to Britain on March 7, 2024, since then There have been no official confirmations or decrees from the President yet. This caused widespread talk in political circles, among which there were various speculations about a possible reconsideration of this decision.

However, according to sources from the President's Office, the appointment remains in force. Ukraine is currently awaiting Britain's consent to appoint Zaluzhny as ambassador.

«There are no signs that London is delaying the process. This is standard procedure in diplomacy. This process usually takes about a month», — noted one of the sources.

As previously reported, the next months for Ukraine will be very difficult: Danilov warned what to expect.

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