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Zelensky said where Ukraine will fire ATACMS missiles: and this is not the Crimean Bridge

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is confident that if Ukraine has long-range ATACMS, the number of attacks from the occupied Crimea will decrease.

This information was reported by The Washington Post, reports URA-Inform.  

At the same time, he clarified that ATACMS missiles can hit targets in Russian-occupied Crimea, especially airfields from which the Russian Federation launches aircraft with high-precision missiles that cause serious damage to Ukraine.

The head of the Ukrainian state noted that these missiles have recently hit Odessa and several other targets.

«When Russia has missiles and we don’t, they attack with missiles: all &#8212 ; gas, energy, schools, factories, civil buildings», — he stated.

Zelensky stressed that he wants to use longer-range missiles not to attack Russian territory, but specifically to attack airfields in Crimea. According to him, «ATACMS-300 — this is the answer». 

«When Russia finds out that we can destroy these planes, they will not attack from Crimea. It's like with the navy. We drove them out of our territorial waters. Now we will push them out of the airports of Crimea», — the president added.

He also mentioned that in February in Munich he showed a map of targets that could be hit by ATACMS. In particular, it indicated Russian military platforms, such as airports, air defense systems and other facilities.

«We can use naval drones to oust the Russian fleet from our territorial waters and the entire Western parts of the Black Sea, yes. But this is not enough to win. These are drones, not missiles», — Zelensky said.

We recall that it was previously reported when Putin would withdraw troops from Ukraine: Zelensky made a decisive statement.

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