• 12/04/2024 14:06

Zelensky was very angry – OP insider revealed what happened at the Munich conference

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A source from the Office of the President shared information that Vladimir Zelensky was counting on significant results from participating in the Munich conference, but instead of a breakthrough, he encountered a new unfortunate turn.

This information was reported by the Resident telegram channel, reports URA-Inform.

“The conference failed to secure grants for Ukraine, and the proposed loans were promised only at high interest rates, without any security guarantees, which disappointed the president. Zelensky was very angry about the fact that even Vitali Klitschko was invited to the conference,” — stated at the beginning of the message.

According to the insider, Klitschko is perceived in the West as a potential competitor for the current head of state.

“This caused dissatisfaction and emphasized the complexity of the situation within the country, where the political struggle is becoming increasingly acute and complex,” — the source concluded.

As previously reported, the Russian Federation is preparing for a new massive attack on Ukraine: the Ukrainian Armed Forces provided details.

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