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In the Kharkov region they tried to sell artifacts from the 2nd century BC

The attacker tried to sell a bronze pourer's kit for 300 thousand hryvnia.

The head of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine contacted law enforcement, having discovered an advertisement on the Internet for the sale of artifacts.

As reported by the police, a 47-year-old a Kharkov resident on a special website under a pseudonym published an advertisement for the sale of a bronze pourer's set, dated to the 2nd century BC, for 300 thousand hryvnia.

In the Kharkov region they tried to sell artifacts of the 2nd century > </p>
<p>The police quickly identified the attacker. During a search of the suspect's house, artifacts weighing 21 kilograms were seized.</p>
<p>The physical evidence was sent for expert examination.</p>
<p>Currently, police are investigating their origin. The pre-trial investigation continues.</p>
<li>In September, the United States returned to Ukraine cultural property stolen by Russian invaders from temporarily occupied territories.</li>
<li>Smugglers wanted to sell “Scythian gold” in Madrid for more than 60 million euros Among the detained criminals is a representative of the UOC (MP) from Ukraine.</li>
<li>The “black archaeologist” from the Khmelnytsky region sold a treasure at auction for half a million hryvnia. A man found a unique treasure of the 3rd century – Gothic belts, silver, copper, casting, forging, plating. He was informed of the suspicion. </li>
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