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There was a large-scale accident near the Dnieper: six people were injured

Near the Dniprovsky district, near the village of Vasylivka, there were six cars, one of them is vantazhivka . As a result of the accident, six people were injured.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to the DSNS.

As reported by the DSNS, today, before the Service, the 101 department received information about road transport the benefit that has become beyond the boundaries of the village of Vasylivka in the Solonyanskaya settlement of the territorial community of the Dnieper region.

Upon arrival to the city under the army, it was established that there were six transport routes, of which one was essential.

As a result of the accident, six people were injured, of which three were hospitalized by emergency medical workers until hospitalization.

Informed police officers of the National Police are establishing the situation.

Photo: a large-scale accident has become near the Dnieper (dp.dsns.gov.ua )

Road accident in Ukraine

I guess, a large-scale accident took place on the Kiev-Chop highway near Lviv on the evening of the 18th. Two cars and a vantazhivka crashed there.

Also in the Lviv region, a car with a vehicle was damaged in an accident. Four people died, zokrema, the protector of the head of the administration of the State Special Transport Service, Colonel Zhigunov Viktor.

And the 7th century near Izum became a large-scale accident. The police reported about six dead and seven injured as a result of road accidents.

According to the patrol police, as a result of accidents in Ukraine, 2023 people died, over 2500 people died this year how many citizens were injured.

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