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Sytnyk admitted that the GPU and NABU are jointly pursuing a case against Kholodnitsky

Сытник признал, что ГПУ и НАБУ вместе ведут дело против Холодницкого

The director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Artem Sytnik, acknowledged the cooperation of his department and the GPU in the case against the head of the SAPO Nazar Kholodnitsky.

He told reporters about this on Thursday after a discussion at the Ministry of Finance.

According to Sytnik, he had not previously denied the existence of a case against the head of the SAPO.

“If you look at my statements, I did not refute the fact of the investigation. I refuted those versions of the motives and others that appeared in the media,” Sytnik said.

When asked whether NABU is really cooperating in this case with the GPU department led by Gutsulyak, the so-called “Kononenko-Granovsky” department, Sytnyk recalled that “NABU has successful experience working with various departments of the GPU, including this one.” .

At the same time, the director of NABU explained that he is limited in commenting on the Kholodnytsky case because of the secret nature of the investigation and state secrets.

Sytnyk promised that the official position of NABU on the case against the head of the SAPO would be made public in the near future.

As reported, a wiretap was installed in the office of the head of SAP Kholodnytsky. The “bugs” were allegedly attached to the wall of the aquarium. Then it turned out that the case against Kholodnytsky was being conducted by the GPU using NABU equipment.

In turn, NABU director Artem Sytnik called the information about the secret wiretapping in Kholodnitsky’s office distorted.

Kholodnitsky warned that the records that were secretly kept in his office could be used for speculation against him, but stressed that there was no talk of his resignation.

Read more about Kholodnitsky’s wiretapping in the material: “ Spy games, or “Bugs” in Kholodnitsky’s office .


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