• 24/02/2024 06:44

Air raid alert throughout Ukraine: the Kinzhal carrier took off

Воздушная тревога по всей Украине: взлетел носитель


An air alert was declared throughout Ukraine due to the takeoff in Russia of the MiG-31K fighter, which can carry the Kinzhal aeroballistic missile.

Source : alert map, Air Force on Telegram

Verbatim from the Armed Forces: “Attention! All of Ukraine is a missile danger. A MiG-31K of the Russian Aerospace Forces has been recorded taking off from the Mozdok airfield.

Don't ignore the air raid signal!”

Details : This is the second alarm on December 31 due to the takeoff of MiGs. In addition, the threat of kamikaze drones remains in a number of regions, and Ukrainian air defense is operating.


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