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In the wind “Kinjali”. Ukraine is under massive attack: what we know about the infection

The Russian military launched missiles at Ukraine early in the 2nd century. Under the massive attack, Kiev and Kharkov have already stumbled, and vibukhs are mooning in other regions.

RBC-Ukraine in the material below has picked up a buzz about a new massive attack.

The hour of preparing the material vikorist: data from KMVA, KMDA, Kharkiv OVA, Air Defense Forces ZSU, DTEK.

Generally speaking:

  • 16 strategic bombers Tu-95 MS launched dozens of missiles,
  • Russians launched Kh-47M2 Kinjal aeroballistic missiles to reach the missiles,
  • The tight vibuhas are mooning near Kiev. In the capital, a decline in streets has been recorded in the Pechersk, Obolonsky, Golosiivsky districts and Svyatoshinsky district. There are interruptions in light and water. Also involved in the Podilsky district in the civil infrastructure facility. Also, a gas pipe there was damaged
  • due to the attack, the light was temporarily cut off from some of the budynkas in Shevchenkivskyi, Svyatoshinskyi, Golosiivskyi and Obolonskyi districts of Kiev,
  • there are a few spots near the middle of Kharkov, in the districts life forgotten . There was a burning fire there. They were injured,
  • vibukhs were also felt near Kropivnitsky.

The significance of the launch of “Calibers”

Reporter of the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces Yuriy Ignat spoke about this during the telethon.

“The tense situation is ending. The attacks will continue to be carried out by the enemy. And the launch of the “Calibers” will continue. And our defense forces will be on guard with radar,” said Ignat .


For information from the mayor of Kiev Vitaliy Klitschka, In the Podilskyi region, fires began to burn in several places due to the attack. Є involvement in the territory of a civil infrastructure facility. The gas pipe was also damaged.

Svyatoshinsky is involved in the creation of social infrastructure.

Similarly, Pechersky has a wedding in the rich countryside.

In the Obolonsky district, a warehouse is burning.

In Desnyansky there is a fire in what used to be a supermarket.

In the Solomyansky district, there are reports of 10 casualties in one of Budinki. Nine of them were hospitalized, one was given medical assistance.

Emergency services operate through.

Also in the capital, through attacks, interruptions in electricity and water supply are recorded.

According to DTEK data, this hour it is daylight in some of the Budinki near Shevchenkivskyi, Svyatoshinskyi, Golosiivskyi, Podilskyi and Obolonskyi districts. It’s a very safe situation to allow, to turn everything lightly.

Updated 08:57. Kiev already has 12 victims.

So, 12 victims were hospitalized by doctors from a large hospital in the Solomyansky district, where the fire was caused by a missile attack. Some people were given help in the area.

Updated 09:16. In Kiev, there are already 16 casualties in the village near the Solomyansky district, which was killed as a result of a missile attack. 15 of them were hospitalized. In addition, in the Podilsky district, a warehouse on an area of ​​2000 square meters is on fire, water mains are damaged and at least 6 cars are on fire. According to the situation in the capital, fire:

  • In the Solomyansky district, the burning of two large surface living budinki was recorded.
  • In the Desnyansky district, a supermarket is already on fire;
  • In the Darnytsky district, non-residential premises have been damaged;
  • In the Golosiivsky district, a fallen grate in the open area;< /li>
  • In the Pechersky district – on the farms of a 9-surface residential building; on another richly surface booth and a private booth;
  • In the Obolonsky district there is a fire in the residential booth, a falling gate on the territory of the non-living area and warehouse premises:
  • In the Svyatoshinsky district (to be specified );
  • In the Podilsky district there is a fire on the territory of the market; The gas pipe was damaged, as well as the falling gate on the Nezhitlova zabudova. It is also possible that the living room will get hot. The information is being verified.
  • Shevchenkivskyi district – a fall gate in the open area.
  • All emergency services operate by call.
  • Due to a missile strike in certain areas of the city there are problems with electricity and water supplies.

Kiev region

Due to the attack of the Russian occupiers, there is often daylight in the Buchansky and Vishgorod districts of the Kiev region.

“We will allow the situation to be safe, we will certainly return it to everyone” tropostachannya” – write to DTEK.


According to the data of Igor Terekhov, there are a number of tides near the middle of Kharkov, in the areas of living oblivion. There, immediately after burning, the warriors rushed to the place.

This time, the head of the OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, reported that the occupiers had at least 4 strikes on Kharkov. Zokrema, in the central part of the place.

Destruction of a large number of apartment buildings and cars. Burn the wines. Details are being installed.

According to the latest information, doctors are giving assistance to six victims.

Zokrema, it is known about the accident in the Shevchenkivskyi district of the city. One of them is near the living quarters.

Updated 08:47. There are more than 20 victims in Kharkov in this region. One person died, – OVA student Oleg Sinegubov updated the information.

Updated 09:05. Doctors will provide assistance to 22 wounded people near Kharkov, 16 people have been hospitalized to medical facilities.

Services will continue to liquidate the legacy of enemy attacks.

Night attack on Ukraine

It seems that the Russians attacked Ukraine with drones that night. In the capital, the decline of the streets became worse in the living oblivion of the Desnyansky and Golosiivsky districts. There are no critical injuries or casualties.

In addition, the Air Force announced the killing of all Shaheeds launched by the enemy, there were 35 of them.

Early after the drone attack, the Russians began to launch en masse Ukrainian missiles.

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