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The governor of the Belgorod region complains about the “tense situation”: yesterday was a difficult day, and in the morning there were shellings

Residents are told about the “successful work of air defense.”

Governor of the Belgorod region complains about the Governor of the Belgorod region of Russia Vyacheslav Gladkov complains that the situation in Belgorod “remains tense.”

He wrote about this on Telegram.

“The situation in Belgorod continues to remain tense. There were two shellings in the morning. The air defenses worked. As soon as it’s dawn, we will conduct a door-to-door inspection, look at the damage, roofs, roofs, windows, facades and begin restoration work,” the Russian official noted.


“Yesterday we had a hard day. One person died. 11 people were injured… After the shelling on December 30, 70 people are in medical institutions,” he added.

Zelensky: “We are ready to exchange Belgorod for our membership in NATO”

The Russian official also responded to residents' requests to launch SMS messages during shelling. He explained that it is impossible to send such messages to all users at the same time due to technical capabilities. As an example, he cited Shebekino, whose residents received SMS messages an hour after the end of the shelling. Today, he said, there will be a “door-to-door inspection.” From “Kyiv in three days” to “Please don’t bomb Belgorod”

What’s happening in the Belgorod region

  • On the evening of January 2, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported about alleged rocket attacks in the Belgorod region. During the day, an air raid warning was announced three times in Belgorod; in the evening, explosions occurred in the city.
  • On December 30, there were also explosions in Belgorod. Governor Gladkov stated that the regional center allegedly came under fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • Ukrainian media, citing a source in the special services, reported that the missile attack on military facilities in Belgorod was carried out by the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine, but due to unprofessional actions of Russian air defense and planned provocations, debris fell in the city center.

    In addition, on January 2, one of the Russian missiles launched into Ukraine went off course and fell in one of the villages of the Voronezh region. At first, propaganda Russian media called it a “terrorist strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” but then the Russian Ministry of Defense admitted that it was a missile fall. Russian authorities called it an “emergency discharge of ammunition” and assured that “everything is under control.”

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