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Russia intends to adapt to the capabilities of the Ukrainian PPO, – ISW

It is critically important for Ukraine to lose supplies of anti-aircraft defense systems and missiles. Russian troops are trying to adapt to the capabilities of the Ukrainian PPO system in order to learn how to avoid maximum damage and casualties.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine through communications to the Institute that war (ISW).

< p>This indicates that during the 1-2 hour of shelling, the Ukrainian military killed more Shahed drones, including a large-scale attack of 29 rockets, as well as a large number of Kinzhal missiles. Analysts at the Institute admit that the forces of the PPO, most likely, adapted to the strike complex that the Russian forces stagnated on the 29th breast. This became possible after months of experimentation by the aggressor and testing of Ukrainian anti-war defenses from the stagnation of various armor systems, strike routes and tactics for weakening anti-war defenses.

The ISW indicates that Russian attacks on Ukraine are part of a tactical and technological balance between offense and defense, in which both sides are constantly experimenting and adapting one to the other, especially in the field of long-range strikes and prototypes military defense.

“Help Ukraine's decline will be deprived of critical importance, and Russian troops will likely continue to experiment and introduce new ways to circumvent Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses,” says the Institute of Defense. neither.

The interviewer also consulted the information of analysts published in the British Telegraph. According to these words, Ukraine will most likely have to normalize its PPO missiles in order to quickly help the Sunset. It will also be possible to protect important targets by redeploying air defense systems from more affected front-line areas.

Massive attack by Russia on Ukraine

In Tuesday, 2 September, the Russian occupiers attacked in large numbers. the country with kamikaze drones and missiles of various types.< /p>

Ukrainian defense forces lost 72 missiles with Zagal. Just near Kiev and above the city, anti-aircraft defense forces shot down nearly 60 missiles. Among them are 10 hypersonic aerobalistic missiles “Kindzhal”.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba called on the western countries to speed up the delivery of anti-aircraft defense systems and ammunition to Ukraine, as well as to supply the countries and combat drones and long-range missiles.< /p>

Great Britain agreed to help strengthen the PPO and the far-reaching capabilities of the ZSU.

In addition, the United States announced the strengthening of the Ukrainian anti-anti-aircraft defense.

The terms are also important. information Read about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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