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“Sokil” beat “Capitals” in the Kiev derby and retained the leadership in the hockey championship

Capital Sokil defeated Kyiv Capitals and retained leadership in the hockey championship Ionati of Ukraine 2023/24.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with requests for the result of the match.

Ukrainian Championship, regular first

“Kiev Capitals” – “Sokil” – 1 :2 (1:1, 0:0, 0:1)

Pucks: Berdnix, 10:45 – Zherebko, 00:41, 49:55

The nominal guests opened the rakhunok on the first wave. Zakharov competed behind the goal and threw the puck to the “heel”. There, Zherebko received the pass and put the “disk” behind the line.

The “Capitals” won in the middle of the starting period. The Swedish rulers realized more than 5 to 3 after penalties for the veteran Fatty and the young Bearded. Berdniks had the courage to throw from a distance and, having caught nine, Dyachenka wins.

A promising debut, however, did not turn into a scoring festival. Another 20-khvilinka passed without pucks. And in the third period, there were no more falcons. Tse Zherebko broke through on the right side, moved to the center and from close range, overpowering the goalkeeper.

The team of the Sokil team lost a ham feather among the leaders. He's a decent champion with 42 points. “Capitals” are on the 3rd exit, with 38 points in their assets. In this case, Vadim Shakhraichuk’s team will be left with two matches in hand.

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