• 22/02/2024 00:17

“Due to the fighting in the Donetsk region, two mines are de-energized,” Ministry of Energy

There were 18 miners in the mines at the time of the blackout.

Due to the fighting in the Donetsk region, two mines were de-energized, - Ministry of Energy

There were 18 workers in the Donetsk region at the time of the power outage .

According to the Ministry of Energy, equipment at the thermal power plant in the Donetsk region was also damaged due to the fighting.

As a result of shelling, line VL 110 in the Kharkov region was switched off. Household consumers are de-energized.

As reported by the Ministry of Energy, there is no shortage of electricity. The generation of Ukrainian power plants is sufficient to cover the needs of consumers.

After emergency repairs, a unit of one of the thermal power plants came back into operation.

  However, consumers are urged to reduce the load on the energy system during peak consumption hours (on weekends – from 10 to 12 and from 18 to 20).

Yesterday, the Russian occupiers launched a missile attack on the Pokrovsky district of the Donetsk region. According to preliminary information, 11 people died, including 5 children. Also 8 were injured. Subsequently, the number of deaths increased: in Rivne, Donetsk region, the body of a child was pulled out from under the rubble


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