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“Fatty” goals. What do we know about the A-50 shot down over the Sea of ​​Azov and the Il-22M shot down?

On the evening of the 14th, Ukrainian forces shot down a Russian radar board over the Sea of ​​Azov yavlenya A-50, And such a rush of the driving offices of the IL-22 command.

about the details of the Board of the Bortіn, їkhnikh, that is important for the aggressor-at the mother-in-laws. Long-range radar aircraft (AWACS) allow military-surface forces to prevail over other forces that flare up aircraft in the windy expanse.

An early warning and control system is installed on board the A-50 AWACS aircraft, which detects distant targets. These systems can launch cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as anti-aircraft defense robots.

In the war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Russian sides of radar detection during the hour of missile strikes rise into the world I also record software launches. Thus, at the hour of the upcoming launches, the enemy knows the expansion of Ukrainian anti-aircraft capabilities and can bypass them.

The A-50 is also designed to control the air flow in which aviation operates, for the purposes of coordinating and directing its combat flights. Another advantage of the flight is that the altitude makes it easier to secure connections with warheads on the ground. Especially with front-line aviation, which flies at a low altitude, which composes the connections.

Today, the Russian military-space forces are based on nine pilots A -50 and some modernized versions – A-50U . The sides are based on the chassis of the Radiansky vantage Il-76.

Functionality of A-50 AWACS aircraft:

  • Identification and support of airborne targets and ships.
  • Notification of command posts and automated control systems about the current and surface situation;
  • Control of low-level aircraft and strike aircraft when they are aimed at air, ground and sea targets;
  • < li>Organization of a military command post.< /li>

Technical characteristics:

  • Dovzhina: 48.27 m;
  • Krill height: 50.5 m;
  • < li>Height: 14.8 m;

  • Cryl area: 300 m²;
  • Carrying weight: 190,000 kg;
  • Paliv volume: 109,480 l.

More characteristics:

  • Cruising speed: 800 km/year;
  • Practical range: 7500 km;
  • Double range: 1540 m;
  • Down range: 1050 m;
  • Polyot durability: 9.3 years;
  • Heavy load: 0.34 kgf/kg.

Detection range:

    < li>Bombers: up to 650 km;
  • Vinishchuvachi: 300 km;
  • Krylatі missiles: 215 km.

Airborne command post Il-22

Il-22M is a new command post that can be used by troops during combat operations. This type of aircraft is in the wind and cannot be attacked by operational-tactical missiles. The name of the aircraft also has the abbreviation PZPU – “renewed theft control point.”

Il-22 was created in the 1970s. The base model included the Il-18 civil airliner.

On the basis of Il-18, a number of military aircraft were developed, including the cream Il-22M, the proto-Chinese Il-38, and the Il-20 variant (one of them was shot down by the Syrian PPO in 2018) and radio electronic warfare IL-22PP. The remaining one is one of the new modifications, which appeared less frequently in the other half of the 2010s.

Under the hour of re-equipment, the passenger compartment of airliners was completely removed and special equipment was installed. At the end of the IL-22M flight, work places for the command warehouse were also laid out.

Since the 1970s, they produced and owned nearly three dozen Il-22s. The stinks were gradually modernized. Donina is concerned about the remaining program, within the framework of which the IL-22 LURT version (also known as relay control) was created.

According to the Military Balance 2022 report, it was 12 years before the large-scale war with Ukraine began in Russia such Il-22M and 10 IL-22 (older modifications).

Technical characteristics:

  • Crew: 5 crew (two pilots, navigator-bomber, gunner-radio operator, stern gunner)
  • Dovzhina: 21.1 m
  • Krill height: 23.1 m
  • Height: 10.17 m
  • Krill area: 74, 5 m²
  • Zlitna vaga: 20,000 kg
  • Fuel volume: 22,700 liters + 7,300 liters optionally in tanks at the ends of the wing
  • Power plant: 4 × TRD TR-1
  • Thrust: 4 × 940 kgf

More characteristics

  • Maximum speed: 685 km/year
  • Cruising speed: 625 km/year
  • Practical range : 6500 km
  • Practical distance: 11,100 m
  • Devzhina deployment: 1144 m

Removal of the A-50 aircraft in Belarus

26 February 2023 at the Belarusian airfield “Machulishchi” partisans, with the help of two drones, attacked the Russian reconnaissance aircraft A-50.

This year, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus showed a video of a damaged aircraft.

The destruction of the Il-22M aircraft It's time for Prigozhin's rebellion

On June 24, 2023, at the hour of the rebellion of the founder of the Wagner military complex Yevgen Prigozhin in Russia, the Il-22 aircraft was lost.

According to British intelligence, the loss of the aircraft impacted the Russian air and land no operations.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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