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Russia continues to use DRG in the Sumy region, – GNSU

GNSU: Russia continues to use DRG in the Sumy region, – border guards

Russia continues to use DRGs in the Sumy region, - GNSU

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Russia continues to use sabotage reconnaissanceA representative of the State Border Service, Andrey Demchenko, announced this during the telethon.

“Unfortunately, the situation is quite difficult. First of all, because of the shelling that Russia continues to inflict on the territory of Ukraine every day “In general… just since the beginning of this month, our border guards have recorded more than 1,800 shellings in the Chernigov, Kharkov and Sumy regions. Most of all in the Kharkov region,” he said.

In addition to the shelling, Enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups are detected on the northern border. Most of the attempts are in the Sumy direction, but there is also activity in the Kharkov region. The DRGs have been more active in the last period – in the Chernihiv region.

“Hostile DRGs are a threat not only to the Defense Forces, but also to civilians. Yesterday, an enemy DRG near the border in the Sumy region practically shot down the car in which they were traveling civilians. They died, unfortunately,” Demchenko recalled.

  • In December last year, Russia activated the DRG in the Sumy and Kharkov regions. Two weeks later, seven attempts by the enemy to enter the territory of Ukraine were recorded.
  • Attempts continue to this day, so residents of the Sumy region were urged to report suspicious persons to the SBU. In addition, Russian troops practically daily shell the border communities of the region.


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