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Zinner makes a fantastic comeback by defeating the Russian at the finals of the Australian Open

Italian Jannik Zinner at the five-set final of the Open Australian Championship ї 2024 fate will welcome the neutral Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedeva.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with requests for the result of the match.

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Zenner – Medvedeva – 3:2 (3 :6, 3:6, 6:4, 6:4, 6:3)

In the first network, the neutral Russian had an important time to win a local victory in the third game. The Bears called, easily securing a break and gaining a strategic advantage. Zinner fell into the role of the one who is trying to get rid of the confusion. Our Italians are exactly the same, but in the ninth game they gave another point on the power serve and lost the game.

In a similar scenario, another party lost. This time Medvedev scored the first break in the fourth game and repeated the same trick in the sixth game. Zinner zoomed in with one son-in-law on the Russian's serve with a point. This morning, the rest of us had a chance to get the set, and for 49 rubles.

The Italian tennis player is aiming for revenge in the third game. He played as respectfully as possible on high serves and did not give Medvedev the ability to repeat his feats with breaks. At the final moment, Natomist himself scored a point on someone else’s serve and soaked the rakhunok after sets.

The fourth game was the most exciting at the start. The match dragged on for a long time, and the last part of the battle between Zinner and Medvedev was spent on the endgame itself, concentrating on heavy serves. Already in the tenth game, the Italians had caught the Russian tennis player and changed the match in the fifth set.

In the leading party, the intrigue was not going away for long. In the sixth game Zinner scored a break and with a handicap of 5:2. Such a development allows you to concentrate on power supplies. On this occasion, she finished the phenomenal match with the first victory in her career in the majors.

Before the word, Ukrainian Lyudmila Kichenok lost the final of the Australian Open in doubles.

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