• 24/02/2024 00:17

An oil refinery in St. Petersburg was attacked by a drone

To shoot down, the Russians used their powerful installation. But the device still fell on the territory of the plant.

At night, a drone fell on the territory of the Nevsky Oil Refinery in St. Petersburg.

The Russians tried to shoot it down with their most powerful air defense system – the S-400, but the drone still fell on the territory of the enterprise, writes RBC-Ukraine, citing sources in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense. According to media reports, it is the GUR who is behind this operation.

“It is significant that they used the S-400 to impress our drones. It is very interesting how this Russian air defense works, since after allegedly shooting down the drone, it still fell into the territory of our target,” explained interlocutor of journalists.

Russian media wrote that as a result of the fall of the UAV, a fire broke out in “three empty tanks.”

Drone attacks on Russia

  • Two days ago, a drone attacked one of the largest oil refineries, Slavneft-YANOS, located in Russian Yaroslavl.
  • Before that, Ukrainian drones hit an oil depot near Bryansk. The fire lasted more than five hours. According to the Russians, the drone neutralized electronic warfare, but the explosives fell away from it. However, media sources in the Main Intelligence Directorate say that the drone carried out a successful attack and the target was hit. At the same time, a Ukrainian drone attacked the Tambov powder plant.
  • One of the largest attacks in terms of results was the drone strike on the Novatek plant on January 21. LB.ua sources reported that the SBU drones hit the target accurately – the hits were accurate, a large-scale fire started, and the Russians were forced to evacuate their employees. This terminal is one of the newest and most important in the Russian Federation. It exports, but also supplies fuel to Russian troops. The SBU reported that after the attack, all the tankers that were at the terminal moved far out to sea – their loading was disrupted.


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