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The SBU announced the liquidation of 4 more evasion schemes. One of them was used by a cleric of the UOC (MP)

10 deal organizers were detained in different regions of Ukraine. The cost of the “services” was estimated at up to 12 thousand dollars, depending on the urgency. The attackers face up to 9 years in prison with confiscation of property.

The SBU announced the liquidation of 4 more schemes for evaders. One of them was used by a cleric of the UOC (MP) > Ukrainian Security announced that it had blocked new schemes for evading mobilization and illegally traveling abroad for men of military age.

As a result of complex measures in different regions of Ukraine, 10 deal organizers were detained. Dealers offered conscripts to flee to the European Union on the basis of forged documents.

The cost of such “services” was estimated at up to 12 thousand US dollars, depending on the urgency of departure.

Yes, on Transcarpathia three businessmen who sent potential conscripts to EU countries as drivers of international passenger flights were exposed.

According to operational information, among their clients was a cleric of the local diocese of the UOC (MP), who took advantage of the scheme to illegally go abroad. Currently, an investigation into this fact is ongoing in Ukraine.

According to the investigation, the deal was organized by two co-owners of a local trucking company and their accomplice, a resident of the Khust district.

Using the company’s e-signature , the defendants entered clients’ personal data into the “Path” information system. After this, those who evaded were “placed” on the flight by other drivers and thus crossed the border.

Seizure of hijackers' accounts, a ban on the right to drive a vehicle and to travel outside of Ukraine – a new project of the Cabinet of Ministers

In the Ternopil region two schemes for evading mobilization were blocked at once. One of them was organized by two local businessmen. They sold fake certificates from the military medical commission and the military registration and enlistment office regarding unfitness for service due to “poor” health.

To produce a “package of documents,” the dealers used fake forms and stamps from the relevant government agencies.

The organizers of another scheme called themselves supporters of the so-called “power of the people.”

The attackers issued military ID cards to their like-minded people in the name of a fake organization.

In Lvov SBU officers neutralized a criminal group that, for money, promised conscripts to be “written off” from the military register for health reasons.

The perpetrators face up to 9 years in prison with confiscation of property.

Recall that on January 30, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted a bill on mobilization to parliament. Comments and comments on the bill were taken into account jointly with the General Staff, the government and people's deputies.


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