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The package of documents is directed. How can a military person pass the MSEC and why is it necessary?

Structural problems of MSEC as an institution arise at all levels and stages of this and commissions. They often force additional documents there, and people also spend a lot of time getting into the water. MSEC often requires you to go through military service in order to confirm or recognize your disability.

During the lecture in Kiev, the lawyer of the legal center for military servicemen “Princip” Anna Pashkina spoke about the specifics of the MSEC examination by military personnel, what documents the mother requires and how to prepare them in advance for the process crashing swedishly. RBC-Ukraine reveals that it is necessary to know about the progress of the MSEC.

What is the MSEC and if there is a need to go to the military

A medical and social examination (MSEC) is carried out in order to establish the stage of sustainable exchange of life i, disability groups, causes At the time of their establishment, as well as further examination and confirmation of an individual rehabilitation program for an individual with a disability.

Submissions for passing the MSEC by a military service member are:

  • injuries, illness or injury, after which there was a significant loss of productivity;
  • physical and mental health has changed;
  • suspicion of the onset of a disability group;
  • need in a prosthetic wearer;
  • contusion.

How to pass the MSEC in military conditions. Algorithm

  • opt out the direction from the military unit, TCC and SP or from the family doctor;
  • come to the designated doctor with these directions;
  • go through the LKK and turn off the direction to the MSEC form No. 008 /o;
  • pass the MSEC commission and withdraw your license.
  • Photo: During the passage of the MSEC, citizens often have to sit in the cellars for a long time (Getty Images)< /em>

    What documents are required

    To pass the examination, a mandatory package of documents is provided. Military servicemen are guilty:

    • directed to MSEC;
    • passport or ID card with a link from the Unified State Demographic Register for registration of place of residence;
    • a copy of the identification code;
    • military receipt or officer’s certificate (copy);
    • military documents (certificate of military service, information from the service record) or and copies;
    • certificate of illness or confirmation of VLK, or a statement from the protocol of the meeting of the staff VLK about the establishment of a causal link for illness, injuries (wounds, contusions, calcifications);
    • medical documentation, originals (statements from the outpatient card f. 025/o, statements from the history of the illness of an inpatient patient f. 027/0, results of laboratory, instrumental, surgical procedures, advisory staff of specialized regional specialists then what) that outpatient card of the sick person;
    • other documents for use by MSEC.

    The skin MSEC examines the patient over a period of 7 working days from the day of receiving the direction of the physical therapy and makes a decision on the severity and severity of the disability. If there is a case for carrying out a medical and social examination in absentia, the commission will conduct the examination within 3 working days from the day the MCC is sent.

    How the disability group is determined

    Order of the Ministry of Health dated 09/05/2011 Nº 561 confirms the instructions, depending on which groups are installed disability, so that this document establishes a mechanism for identifying one or another group of disability.

    Photo: Before passing the MSEC, it is necessary to prepare a few documents (Suspilne Lviv)

    Peculiarities of the work of the MSEC during the war period

    • If a person cannot be present for examination, a decision on the determination of disability can be made in absentia at the direction of the LKK;
    • The MSEC Commissions work for exterritorial principle, so regardless of the current territorial location, and conduct examinations in accordance with the directions of the LKK, regardless of the place of registration, residence or relocation of the individual who is dying;
    • Point 5 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1317, which strengthens the protection of the absentee determination of disability for all types of diagnoses, is not substantiated;
    • Since in the time of war it is not possible to send an individual to the MSEC, then a repeat examination in this case will be transferred to the line after military enlistment, unless later than 6 months after my discharge.

    In which case, the level of loss of professional productivity will continue until the last day of the sixth month. If applied or related to the period of military activity, which was not previously A repeat inspection will be carried out. The same goes for an individual rehabilitation program.

    Previously, the Ministry of Health announced that as part of the upcoming MSEC reform, they may stop working, since most processes will be automated.

    The veteran’s squad has also grown up, h how military personnel are tested at MSEC and how a mobilized swedish person can pass the military-medical commission.

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