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Pletenchuk about the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation: this robot, if not paralyzed, is even more folded

Today's deployment to the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, if not paralyzed, is even more complicated. They were cut off from their main logistics base – Sevastopol.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this by sending a statement to Dmitry Pletenchuk, a riverine officer of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, during the telethon.

Behind the words of Pletenchuk , the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been at the station for a long time now, since they can’t fight anything against Ukraine other than missile-carrying ships. But now they have problems with missile carriers.

“They were cut off from Sevastopol, their main logistics base in the Black Sea, and all the infrastructure. And the firebrand – “Calibri” was lost in Sevastopol. The stench of confusion is quickly setting in and to Sevastopol, quickly grab one missile and quickly set off. It can be stated that the robot of the Black Sea Fleet, if it is not completely paralyzed, is even more complex,” he stated.

The Navy Riverman added that at Novorossiysk , kudi After the strikes on Crimea, the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation flowed into the Russian Federation, the problem with the acquisition of missiles is still not resolved.

Guess what, a few days ago the Ukrainian military sank the missile boat “Ivanovets” with sea drones. This was respected by the “pride” of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, there were only three fragments of such boats.

The boat was acquired by fighters of the Main Directorate of Intelligence using maritime drones MAGURA V5. The boat's versatility is 60-70 million dollars.

Today's President Volodymyr Zelensky rewarded the GUR fighters with badges for special courage at the time of the consecration of special combat duties.

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