• 29/02/2024 05:41

The weather service warned of strong winds on Monday

In the west and south, gusts will be 25 m/s in places during the day.

The hydrometeorological center warned of strong wind on Monday

Weather in Ukraine on February 5, 2024 wind.

This was reported by Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.

Western, northwestern winds of 7-12 m/s are forecast, except for Transcarpathia, gusts can be 17-22 m/s, and in the west and south – in places 25 m during the day /s.

In general, Monday will be cloudy with clearing. Occasional rain and sleet.

Temperatures at night will range from 4° Celsius to 1° Celsius; during the day – 2-7°C, in Transcarpathia and in the southern part – 6-11°C.


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