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Budanov called on Canada to transfer CRV7 missiles to Ukraine

GUR head Kirilo Budanov called on Canada to transfer over 80 thousand CRV7 missiles to Ukraine. The stinks can be disposed of.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Global News.

Over 83,000 ground-launched CRV7 missiles are stored at the Canadian Army's Dundurn depot, near Saskatoon. Canada will no longer require this ammunition and has hired a private company to dispose of it. Prote Ukraine, whose reserves are rapidly being depleted, will urgently require these missiles.

“This would help Ukraine resist Russian troops and would protect tax payers from spending on their depletion. We believe that what will be a hopeless situation,” said Budanov.

Canada is considering the possibility of transferring missiles to Ukraine, but there are few problems. CRV7 – its ammunition is old, it's been around for a decade. Otherwise, they may be dangerous, the fragments could become unstable over the years. This creates insecurity both for the people who work with them and for those who transport them.

Ukrainians insist that they are in a difficult situation and are ready to go to bed. They said they were hearing from old ammunition, such as the CRV7.

CRV7 missiles

CRV7 is a 70-millimeter Canadian uncoated missile (NKR) with folding fins, designed for attacks on ground targets. Vaughn was a vikoristan by Canadian armored forces in 1971.

This is a modernized version of the American Hydra 70 rocket with a stronger engine and a longer range. The CRV7 can be launched from a variety of aircraft, including aircraft, bombers and helicopters.

The CRV7 missile has a maximum diameter of 2.75 meters and a diameter of 70 millimeters. It weighs 13.6 kilograms and has a combat unit weighing 6.8 kilograms.

CRV7 can engage targets at a range of up to 8 kilometers.

Transfer of CRV7 missiles to Ukraine

We previously reported that Canada may transfer CRV7 missiles to Ukraine.

At the start of the parliamentary meeting, the leader of the opposition Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, came out control CRV7 missiles of Ukraine. Having noted that it is better to supply Ukraine's ammunition than to dispose of it.

The Canadian Ministry of Defense is considering that it is necessary to know the needs of the Ukrainian army first before sending missiles to Ukraine. effectiveness of missiles.

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