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The Supreme Court has identified a “mole” who was behind the new offensive of the Russian Federation and the siege of Lvov

Law enforcement revealed an official from the Supreme Court of Ukraine who vindicated the aggression of the Russian Federation and was buried Nya Lvov by occupiers.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through communications to the Security Service of Ukraine and the Office of the Prosecutor General.

Information details

The Security Service collected the evidence base on the head of one of the structural divisions of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

The official vindicated the brutal aggression of the Russian Federation and the immediate occupation of our state.

Photo: Obshuk (gp.gov.ua)

“The authorized SBU has records of the powers in which the persons involved will delegate sovereignty Ukraine and proposes to give the occupiers the new regions, confining the Odessa and Kherson regions,” the official said.

Having decided to occupy Lviv

The official hero Having taken advantage of the employees of the Russian private military company “Wagner” and supported their fate there is a war against our state.

In addition, the Posadovets to the judicial authority have launched a new attack on Ukraine from the ground directly to bury Lviv and neighboring regions.

“The defendant has expressed his consent to the Swedish occupation of our state with the further installation of the Kremlin regime on its territory,” writes the SBU.

What will threaten you

Linguistic examination confirmed the fact and supportive activities of the official for the sake of the country – aggressor. During the hour of searching around the place of residence of the evildoer, it was revealed:

  • mobile phones and computers with evidence of malicious actions;
  • up to 300 unprotected rounds of bullets;
  • special technical detection of illegal activities;
  • pro-Kremlin literature.< /li>

On the basis of the collected evidence, the investigators informed the defendant about the suspicion of the fact of acquittal, recognition as lawful, suppression of the evil aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, glorification of its participants ів, committed by a service person.

Troubling investigation for the installation of all furnishings. The criminal faces up to 8 years of freedom from confiscation of the mine.

Law enforcement officers are looking for tourists

Recently, law enforcement officers in Vinnytsia have caught up with a hostile agitator who supported the occupiers and locked up sensing the killing of people near the Bucha Kiev region.

Also Another Russian lieutenant was caught in the Mykolayiv region. By “handing over” the Ukrainians to the occupiers and by helping the death guards check the local residents at checkpoints.

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