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Dénouement at Shulyavka: The Kiev prosecutor’s office demands to recover more than UAH 1.1 billion from the “winner” of the auction

The prosecutor's office believes that the winner of the auction received the funds illegally.

Double on Shulyavka: Kiev prosecutor's office demands recovery from

Kiev city prosecutor's office demands recovery from the winner of the Prozorro bid 1.1 billion hryvnia, which he illegally received for the reconstruction of the Shulyavsky overpass in the capital.

This was reported by the Kiev City Prosecutor's Office.< /p>

“The Kiev City Prosecutor's Office, during the exercise of representative powers, established a violation of the interests of the state in the budgetary sphere. It was established that the CP Directorate for the Construction of Road Transport Facilities in Kiev, through the Prozorro system, held a tender for the purchase of works for the reconstruction of the interchange at the intersection of Pobeda Avenue on Hetman Street in Solomensky and Shevchenkovsky districts of Kiev (reconstruction of the Shulyavsky overpass),” the message says.

The prosecutor's office noted that as a result of the bidding, a private company was recognized as the winner, with which the Directorate entered into an agreement for UAH 598.5 million.

“Later, by concluding additional agreements, the period for completing the work was extended, and the price of the work almost doubled. By the beginning of 2024, this private company had already received more than UAH 1.1 billion for the work performed,” the prosecutor’s office added.

As the message says, the winning company of the auction and another private company conspired, as a result of which they distorted the results of the auction.

“In this regard, the Kiev City Prosecutor's Office appealed to the Economic Court of Kiev with a corresponding claim and asks to invalidate the decision of the tender committee and the general contract,” the capital’s prosecutors said.

In addition, the prosecutor's office asks to recover from the “winner” of the auction funds received from the local budget in the amount of more than 1.11 billion UAH.

Reconstruction of the Shulyavsky overpass

  • In 2017, after the destruction of part of the Shulyavsky overpass, the Kyiv City State Administration announced its intention to close it for reconstruction. The work started in the spring of 2019, and at the end of December the road was opened.
  • The cost of its reconstruction has increased several times. In 2018, the cost of the contract amounted to 600 million hryvnia. Already in 2019, Klitschko signed a new project for the reconstruction of the Shuliavsky overpass with an estimated cost of 1.05 billion hryvnia. In 2021, the Shuliavsky Bridge has doubled in price – to two billion hryvnia. At the same time, the Kyiv mayor's office announced the restart of the scandalous reconstruction.
  • In 2019, the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine ordered the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to initiate criminal proceedings against the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko at the request of deputies of the Kiev City Council. According to court materials, deputies of the Kyiv City Council suspected Klitschko of possible abuse of power and theft of funds during the reconstruction of the Shulyavsky Bridge.
  • Already in 2020, lighting poles fell on the new Shulyavsky Bridge, and nine were damaged as a result of the incident. Klitschko filed a complaint with the police against the contractor.
  • And in 2021, the bridge could not cope with the rain: a “fountain” began to flow from under the sewer hatch. Utility workers said then that this happened due to the overflowing Lybid River.


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