• 17/04/2024 10:53

Kuchugury up to 2 meters. Winter has returned to the Carpathians (photo)

The winter of 5 severe has arrived in the Carpathians. The snow has fallen so much that the bushes fall 2 meters deep.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this by sending to the Chornogirsky sound-ritual post and the DSNS of Ukraine.

So, let’s go to 10 :00 5 p.m. on the mountain on Pip Ivan Chornogirsky gloomy, visibility limited.

“Sunday wind, afternoon wind 15-17 m/s, surface temperature -4°C. Khurtovina. Kuchugury fresh snow month tsami reach up to two meters”, – go to the reported sound-rotational post.

Kuchugury reaches 2 meters in the Carpathians 5 fierce (facebook.com/chornogora.rescue112)

Ryatuvalniki ask Ukrainians to take precautions when hiking near the mountain.

“We earnestly appeal to everyone not to worry about such weather-minded minds near the mountain! Take care of yourself!” – available from the authorized DSNS of Ukraine.

Weather in Ukraine

I guess that on the 5th of summer in Ukraine avalanches are predicted to occur in two areas. Ukrainians are asked to avoid hiking in the mountains.

In the coming hours from the Mediterranean Sea, the temperature in Ukraine will rise to 15-16 degrees. The warm weather subsides until mid-month. At the same time, about those that are closer to the middle of the storm, the temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius in the end of the day is not turned on, according to the people's weather forecaster.

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