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What is the threat coming from Ukraine: Naev’s testimony

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The commander of the Joint Forces of the ZSU, Lieutenant General Sergey Naev, stated this, write to RBC-Ukraine for his comment on the aired telethon.

The situation on the side of Belarus < p>What is the situation in the Republic of Belarus, according to Naev, in the borderline, pristine part of Belarus there are 1,800 military service members of the Special Operations Forces – two battalions of air assault troops of the Republic of Belarus, as well as a tactical group of artillery and military guards.

“The main forces of the Belarusian military forces are located in the depths of the territory. There is a small contingent of the Russian military forces on the territory of Belarus. There are five aircraft, 24 S-300, S-400 launchers, six Pantsir S-1 installations and a line but up to 2000 personnel, “What does the unified PPO system of Belarus and the Russian Federation have? There is no greater potential there. Also, the current potential has not been created at this time,” he said.

The situation on the side of the Russian Federation

Whether there is a 1000 km line of contact with the Russian Federation, then, according to the general, there are about 21,000 special warehouses – including two grouped ones, such as those created there – “Kursk” and “Bryansk”, and In these groupings there are splinters, inspired by the mirror combat formations of the Ukrainian forces.

“Also, there is no combat potential there. The stinks of the singing world are constantly in order to protect the sovereign border of the Russian Federation with Ukraine, and they are also trying to inflict losses on us. Therefore, the situation at the moment is such that there is no offensive potential on the water directly from the Pivs There is no lower operational zone,” – signifying Naev.

The situation in Belarus

In the past, the head of the Belarusian regime, Alexander Lukashenko, declared that the entire Russian nuclear armory, which was planned to be delivered to Belarus, is already in the country. The WSJ has already known that Russia will place a nuclear barrier in Belarus across the borders of NATO countries.

Guess what, in the spring of 2023, the defense ministers of the Russian Federation and Belarus were talking about growth deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. At the same time, Lukashenko then declared that the nuclear defense of the Russian Federation is tactical, and “there will never be a vicoristan.”

In connection with this, for example, Poland at that time wanted to send 500 law enforcement officers to its cordon with Belarus, and Ukraine has engaged in even greater importance of foreign cordons.

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