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Russia is increasingly using ballistics, and uses “shaheds” mainly on the front-line territory, – Ignat

Using attack UAVs against people at close range reduces the chances that the defenders' air defense will be shot down.

Russia is increasingly striking with ballistic weapons, and “shaheds” are used mainly on the front-line territory, – Ignat > /></p>
<p> often strike with ballistic weapons. Tonight they fired three missiles “Iskander-M” and three S-300 missiles.</p>
<p>Iskanders were attacked from the Rostov region, and S-300s were attacked from the occupied part of the Donetsk region, Air Force press secretary Yuri Ignat reported this on air telethon.</p>
<p>“Strikes were carried out in the east. The enemy is increasingly using ballistic missiles: we saw this on December 29, January 2 and January 8, when different types of missiles and a considerable share of ballistics. The good news is that ballistics do not always, far from always reach their targets, this also applies to “daggers” “, and “Iskanders”, and S-300. that the enemy was aiming at, it could end up in another place, so the threat does not decrease, we need to respond to any threats that are reported,” Ignat emphasized.</p>
<p>He added that the Russians have become more frequent in Shahed drones use against people on the front-line territory, which reduces the chances of shooting down this target. </p>
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