• 02/03/2024 12:32

The Arctic wind will bring cold temperatures and frosts of up to 15 degrees to Ukraine

The Arctic storm will immediately cause colder temperatures in Ukraine z 15 fierce. Part of the territory will experience nighttime frosts of 10-15 degrees.

In a commentary to RBC-Ukraine, Natalia Golenya, the deputy head of the weather forecast department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, said this in a commentary.

As the weather forecaster said, z 15 to 20 fierce on the weather, the field of the moving pressure is rising, as the altitude sets in, the cold arctic wind sets.

“Frosts will turn, and in most of Ukraine at night it will be between 1 and 7 degrees below zero, and on the day Daily gatherings and gatherings can be up to 10 -15 degrees below zero,” she said.

In these words, today frost will be expected at the beginning of the day (1-6 degrees), in the entire territory of Ukraine – close to zero. Kiev will have slight frosts at night and close to zero during the day.

Weather in severe weather

I guess that during the first half of severe weather in Ukraine the weather returned to warm. The temperature exceeds the norm by 7-10 degrees and corresponds to the symptoms of the cob. Kiev has already set a number of temperature records.

As Natalia Golenya, the deputy head of the department of meteorological forecasts at the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, said, high temperatures in Ukraine will continue to occur frequently in the remaining 20 years.

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