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A message to Putin is the one and only curse of Ukraine. What did Biden say to Congress?

US President Joe Biden on Friday the 8th of March 2024 before the Congress with the promotional “About “The camp is right at the edge.” He started his speech from Ukraine, saying that there was an urgent need for urgent military assistance, so that the Ukrainians could stop the war of the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin.

What Biden said about Ukraine in his Its promotion, – read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine lower.

“Hitler was on the march. There was a war in Europe. President Roosevelt's (Franklin Roosevelt, US President from 1933 to 1945 – ed.) was the goal of awakening Congress and getting ahead of the American people, which is not an emergency. Freedom and democracy are under attack in the world “, – Biden said on the cob.

Having designated the American leader, today they will come to that very hall to unleash their fury on the nation.

“My goal this evening is to awaken this Congress and inform the American people about what is currently an emergency. From the hours of President Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln, US President from 1861 to 1865 – ed.) and the great war of freedom and democracy did not recognize the advance here, at home, like today. To make our moment rare, so are those who freedom and democracy recognize the attack both at home and behind the cordon, at the same time,” Biden emphasized.

“Ukraine can defeat Putin, as it to give a necessary defense”

The US President said that Putin is pushing forward behind the cordon, “we will enter Ukraine and create chaos throughout Europe and beyond.”

“If anyone in this room thinks that Putin is going to screw up in Ukraine, I sing to you, there is nothing to lose. If Ukraine can screw up Putin, since we support Ukraine, we will definitely save it, it’s necessary.” th for zakhistu. This is all that Ukraine asks for. There is no stink ask American soldiers. There are no American soldiers in the war in Ukraine. I am confident that this will continue to happen. Otherwise, help for Ukraine is blocked by those who want us to leave the secular leadership “, – Biden guessed.

In addition, he spoke of the importance of the military-political alliance of NATO and guessed that the United States was among the founders of the alliance.

“Today we made NATO stronger, no matter what. We welcomed Finland into the alliance of the past, and today France, Sweden officially joined NATO,” Biden said and greeted Prime Minister everyone who was present in the Congress hall at the hour these promotions.

A call to praise the package of support for Ukraine and a message to Putin

In the promotion, having guessed how Republican President Ronald Reagan (President of the USA from 1981 to 1989) called on the current Secretary General of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachov to carry Berlin Moor as a symbol Pragneniya Radyansky ceremonies until change.

“Now, the one is a front of the Kolishniy President-Rebubblekan, the way:” Robi everything, Sho wants it. “Tse quote. Kolishniy American President, who was saying to the Rosiykitsky Ochir. stand up to Putin. Find a bipartisan bill on national security. History warns that the new states will go at once, which will put Ukraine under threat. Europe will be under threat. t – under the threat, encouraging others who want to bring us back harm. My message to President Putin – simple. We won’t go. We won’t bow. I won’t bow,” Biden said.

“History watches”

More than once, the promotional industry also repeats the phrase “history watches.” Zokrema, if you guessed about the storming of the Capitol by Trump's henchmen on September 6, 2021. He said that “politically motivated violence has no place in America.” Biden called on former President Trump to “seek the truth” about this day.

“We can be honest, the threat is over, and democracy needs to be taken away. My predecessor and those with you are here to try to seize the truth about the 6th century. I won't work for anyone…You can't love your country more than you if you're overthinking. Respect strong and honest choices! Renew trust in our institutions! And clearly state that political violence has no place in America “. History beware,” adding President.

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