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A military man from the Kharkov region who “collected” more than a million hryvnia from his subordinates will be tried

The head of a group of personnel of a battalion of one of the TRO brigades took money from subordinates for providing assistance in solving their problems in the service.

Trial of the Kharkov region military man who "collected" /p> </p>
<p>In the Kharkov region will be tried head of the battalion personnel group of one of the TrO brigades. According to the investigation, he collected 1 million 50 thousand hryvnia from 14 military personnel, to whom he promised to transfer them to another, again military unit.</p>
<p>This was reported by the State Bureau of Investigation .</p>
<p>It is indicated that the serviceman took money from soldiers for assistance in solving problems in his service. The indictment has been sent to court.</p>
<p>The serviceman promised to help a subordinate who was detained by law enforcement officers while intoxicated For 180 thousand hryvnia, the official undertook to “resolve the issue” of not bringing the offender to administrative responsibility.</p>
<p>In fact, the official did not plan to provide any “help” to anyone, but simply in this way lured money from his subordinates . The official is accused of fraud and abuse of influence.</p>
<p>The sanction of the articles provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of up to five years.</p>
<li>In the Lviv region, two ex-workers of the TCC will be tried in the case of torture and illegal detention of citizens. One of them is charged with unlawful deprivation of liberty and torture, and the other with inaction of the military authorities.</li>
<li>In the Kyiv region, an official of a military unit demanded money from his subordinates for processing payments and vacations. From October 2022 to June 2023, the official received more than 160 thousand hryvnia from 26 subordinates.</li>
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