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A Russian in the Odessa region attacked a border guard and sought to be elected to a new army

In the Odessa region, a citizen of the Russian Federation attacked a guard to transporting a resident across the cordon Kiev. Now I am under threat of criminal investigation.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a message to the State Regional Administration of the State Prikordon Service of Ukraine.

The Russian is about to be elected border guard

It appears that on the night of the 9th May, border guards of the Bilgorod-Dnistrovsk cordon captured two people at the sovereign cordon, near the village of Evgenivka, Borodino community, Bolgrad region.

A citizen of the Russian Federation, who has a residence permit in Ukraine and lingers in this village, having crossed the illegal border of the sovereign cordon as a resident of Kiev.

“Realizing that his intention is vikrito, the 48-river Russian launched an attack on the guard, inflicting bodily harm on him and intending to set up a device for the destruction of humic sacks,” write the guards.

The foreigner did not respond to multiple incidents of crime, to ensure the special security of the military service, the border guard had to stop the physical influx.

What will threaten you

The department states that there is no harm In honor of the attacker, a protocol on administrative offenses was drawn up.

In addition, the National Police received a notification about the identification of a crime, submitted to Article 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for the fact of “illegal transfer of persons through the state cordon of Ukraine.” For this article, a punishment was transferred from the view of the liberation of the will for up to nine lines.

A protocol was drawn up for the 38-river citizen of Ukraine on administrative offenses for the article about “illegally overriding or attempting to illegally overwrite the powers” ​​”nogo cordon of Ukraine.”

Departure of people beyond the cordon

At the hour of war, the conscript population was limited in the possibility of leaving the cordon. In this case, part of the population has the right to leave the country without interruption.

Recently, the speaker of the State Cordon Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko stated that for certain categories of Ukrainians the rules for leaving the country may change Don This will become the result of the new law on mobilization.

There is also a series of praises for changes that allow people to become participants in the academic mobility program and to cross the border to learn.

Terms are important Read information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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