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A UAV was shot down in the Belgorod region

The Russians allegedly repelled the attack of two drones.

A UAV was shot down in the Belgorod region

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The authorities of the Belgorod region reported the work of an air defense system in the region using two aircraft-type drones.

Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov claims that the UAV was shot down, but there were no casualties or damage. However, operational services are still “clarifying information on the ground.” Earlier at night, the governor of another Russian region, Kursk, announced the work of the occupiers' air defense. There they talked about the alleged “missile danger.”

  • The first two months of 2024 were marked by a number of successful attacks by the Ukrainian military on the oil facilities of the occupiers. Thanks to this, oil refining in the Russian Federation fell to a historical low.
  • An oil depot in the Kursk region became a target for Ukrainian drones on the night of February 15. As a result of the successful operation of the UAV, a fire broke out there.
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