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About an important period for Ukraine, a new “forecast” on Telegram: news from Budanov’s interview

Kerivnik of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Kirilo Budanov gave a great interview to the BBC. In any case, having stated about a very important period for Ukraine, giving a new “forecast” for the development of the current situation and explaining how to solve the problem with Telegram.

It’s not less about this – read in Budanov’s main statements from the interview, how to point out Below RBC-Ukraine.

About the Tu-22M3 crash

The interview with the leading intelligence officer of the region began with a conversation about the Russian strategic bomber Tu-22M3, which was shot down on the 19th quarter. At the meal, how long did it take to prepare this operation, saying that today was the “delay” itself – the preparation for the flight’s entry into the required territory.

“We spent a long time checking, preparing, and finally…I don’t want, to be honest, to reveal everything. I can only say that there were battles on the 308-kilometer route, that’s quite far. . This is the same, as it seems, method and the same methods that we fought when we found the A-50 aircraft in the air,” Budanov said.

In his words, the Russian Federation still has the same in its arsenal However, this means that Odessa will be a little easier at once, since the Tu-22M3 was jammed with Kh-22 missiles, which did not bring much destruction to the city itself.

“Now, it’s completely obvious, they will be looking for new frontiers, and directly to Odessa, in principle, there are no other frontiers. Only ground-based systems will be deployed for attacks on Odessa and missiles from long-range aircraft and from the sea. Yusya, more don’t give a damn,” – every Budanov.

About pessimistic forecasts for Ukraine

Kerivnik GUR MO confirms that “does not respond” to the pessimistic mood of some representatives in Zahod, that is to say about those that “Ukraine can e lose “War, no matter what.”

“Listen, as we are talking about scenarios that are developing, that may be – so in any case, let’s say, positive for one side and negative for the other side of the scenario. is a framework for believing in The strategic signs of Ukraine, so, say, all the way hesitano – well, the result of the beasts, .

About the “successes” of the Russians and missile attacks

Now the GUR chief knows that the Russian troops will have real success in Avdiivtsa. “This needs to be known. This is a fact. They couldn’t do it. Everything else – well, it’s too early to talk about this,” said Budanov.

In order to feed the remaining attacks on the energy of the Ukrainian energy, we have countered positive practical attacks on objects of the Russian Federation. Ale respects that the power of the war will not be fought by the blows themselves.

“The power of the war will not be fought by blows – but, as in ancient times, until a person with an ensign enters the territory, nothing will change. I want a million others oniv If you go there, even if you put a hundred thousand artillery shells there, you won’t get in until people get there, nothing will happen,” said Budanov.

Russia has so many missiles, he said, that the goal of failure is accumulation. The particularly naval component of missiles, operational-tactical missile systems, is still not actively stagnating.

“And the missiles of the aviation component – well, they have already seriously exhausted their reserves. What about the last strike? Let's take today again – just two strategic bombers launched strikes. It's not that they have no є goals, and through those that save a few pennies. So, the stinks can cause a few more serious blows, but not indefinitely,” Budanov reproved.

In other words, bypassing the sanctions allows the extreme aggressor to prepare such a weapon. Since there is no need for assistance from China, intelligence, as before, will not reveal the fact of the transfer of the finished armor from Beijing to Moscow.

About an important period for Ukraine

As the BBC writes, the GUR chief does not regret that once confirmed that active combat operations will end before the end of 2022, and the fact that they have not started is explained by a change in circumstances: “These are forecasts for the real hour. there are a little bit different – Please feel free to make your own adjustments.”

According to GUR estimates, Ukraine is expecting an important situation in the near future.

“Although it is not catastrophic, this requires understanding. Armageddon will not happen, as many people are beginning to say. Otherwise, there will be problems from the middle of the grass,” Budanov respects.

Vin clarifies that “Mova is talking about everything”: both about the front and about the internal political situation.

“This is a complex approach, because the Russians will choose a complex approach. They will carry out a complex operation. We will not talk to you about this for too long, but there will be an important period. The middle of the grass, the ear of the worm,” Budanov says.

“Russia is fighting with mobilized forces”

The equipment of the power steering specialist recognizes that the enemy’s equipment has definitely become better.

“What kind of technology? No, it's gone, because there's not enough new technology, it's not coming back. Everything has been repaired, the equipment has been restored from warehouses that have been carefully preserved. There's no sense in talking about the quality, and it's not wasted.” “There’s that kind of bitterness there,” even Budanov .

In a very special way, in my words, those who took part in the first phase of the large-scale invasion of 2022 – these were professional professionals, contract soldiers with normal combat evidence, and so on.

“But in this hour they haven't lost much of them. Russia is fighting with mobilized people,” said Budanov.

About the end of the war

As before, Budanov confirms that this war can be completed by turning to the cordons of 1991 fate.

“The war (the war – ed.) will end. The war will end on this (by entering the cordons of 1991 fate – ed.). Those , that we will have a great time – perhaps a great one. The situation at the cordons will be tense after whom? Will the war actually end? w military-political servitude in Russia.

“Those who will try to make a new job will be so. This is normal. This is absolutely normal. Russia wants us to be impoverished, but we don’t want us to be impoverished. We don’t agree, as it seems, funny things, do you understand? That’s why this conflict is permanent they will appear, subside, appear again, and so on. Marvel at our history. It is possible to change the course of history in the future” , – Budanov added.

About the attack on Kiev

According to the words of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, there is no threat of a second attack on Kiev, as before.

Having said that such a scenario will be rendered “unsupported”, and there is absolutely no threat of “a standstill.”

About “Maidan-3” and connections with the exchange of soldiers

When we talk about the Russian information operation “Maidan-3”, Budanov, although it is still relevant, is troubling and, unfortunately, is leaking. In my words, one of the reasons why the process of exchanging captives continues to intensify is the very operation of the Russians and “everything is different.”

“Russia is vikorist, all possible factors for the creation of social tension. And we will continue to vikorist. At the same time (exchange of completeness – ed.) increasing, but not slowing down. And we are still breaking through in different ways and Yes, I get results in this diet. That’s just it. It’s important, and Russia will be victorious about this factor and infuse it into our society,” said Budanov.

About the swings of that disgusting squad

For food, as many swings have been made at the power steering operator, it shows that you can lose it “on the same display” (more than 10 swings).

“Let’s lose it on the same (show). they plan to do something, but just like the last time, everything didn’t work out… It’s in the interests of the Russians, it’s true. It’s in the interests of the Russians. like Budanov.

Which history is fussing about with the detachments of the squad, he promises that “there will be a message,” insistently, that the “trimmed ones” will not be separated.

“What kind of pretense? It’s not serious. I don’t play this game at all. But this is my squad, that’s not going to go away,” Budanov said, adding that the investigation is progressing.

I wish I could become my squad, too. calls him “more or less normal.” They stabilized and removed most of the toxins.

At this point, Budanov raises the idea that the real target could have been not Vaughn, but VIN.

“Why did you have mercy? You know, I don’t know of such outbursts, if it happened like this. No, their logic is clear – the squad is for me more… That’s all. And the influx of their stench was correctly assessed. Alas, as you say, God is with us and nothing there won’t be,” said the GUR officer.

About Telegram

The GUR officer will now say that Telegram is a major problem for Ukraine, and unless channels are blocked, the situation can only be resolved in a moment. In my opinion, the solution to the problem could be the registration of Telegram channels, “so that it becomes clear who is behind each media resource, and Telegram will definitely have the status of a media outlet.”

“A considerable pitan of the sophistication of Chi is not in the Tsomo. Yakshcho Tyu, I want to bring your position – but you can do not fit in the work of a democratic suspension – bring it to the vidpovіdalniki. Chogo t tying, htanov?

To clarify, there is a lot of concern about anonymous channels, stating that, in my opinion, they are all anonymous.

When asked about those who themselves benefit from this supplement, Budanov noted that “it continues every hour when these other ideas are discovered,” in order to understand how they are accepted by Russian society, so rely on the results of these and other intelligence operations, or resonant influences that can result in any kind of influx.

At the same time, indicating the core of the intelligence service, this is not the case for the intelligence department, and the core of the intelligence department is completely blocked.

New ” forecast”

To tell the Ukrainians what fate they should expect, Budanov declared that the coming period “will be important.” Let us understand – important and catastrophic – these are different speeches.

“We've already passed through important periods many times, and we'll get through this, tell me. There won't be anything extraordinary. All their plans are in the background. How should we respond to them? Yes, yes, food , how important it will be for us to be angry, but we will know the truth. We will come up with something at the end of the day,” Budanov said, adding that “Ukraine will not lose and Ukraine will not be destroyed.”

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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