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Accused in the Maidan cases, ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Zakharchenko and Berkut member Sobina spoke at the UN

Обвиняемые по делам Майдана экс-министр МВД Захарченко и беркутовец Собина выступили в ООН


On December 27, the former Minister of Internal Affairs of the times of Yanukovych, Vitaly Zakharchenko, and the ex-commander of the Kharkov Golden Eagle, Dmitry Sobina, spoke at an informal meeting of the UN Security Council, where they justified their crimes during the Maidan.

Source: speech by Jason Park, Advisor to the US Mission to the UN, message from the GUR, message from the Advocate Advisory Group

Details: Zakharchenko and Sobina, in a speech at the event “10 years of Euromaidan in Ukraine: a step into the abyss,” repeated messages about “inspiration for Euromaidan by Western countries and the United States,” “coup d’etat,” “Baltic and Georgian snipers” and “neo-Nazis.”

As explained in the Main Intelligence Directorate, the meeting was held according to the so-called “Arria formula” – a format of informal meetings at which representatives of countries can have a frank exchange of views.

Such measures are not subject to strict procedural rules. People who are not involved in diplomatic work are invited to participate in them.

Details: The Advisor to the US Mission to the UN noted in his speech that the initiated meeting is another attempt by Russia to justify its aggression against Ukraine.

Direct speech : “Today's meeting is another attempt to rewrite history through the prism of the Kremlin's distorted worldview. It is a reminder that Russia prefers to use the Council to spread disinformation over support for international peace and security.”

Information : “Lawyer Advisory Group” recalls that Vitaly Zakharchenko and Dmitry Sobina are accused in cases related to the events of the Maidan. They fled from Ukraine, so proceedings against them are considered using a special “absentia” procedure.


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