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An ex-official with a Russian passport can be renewed at the suburb: the Ministry of Justice reacted

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine was in charge of the opposition to the planting of ex- officials who hold a Russian passport .

RBC-Ukraine reported this to the Ministry of Justice on Facebook and to the Court's Newspaper.

Yak reported by the “Ship's Gazette” about Marina Prilutska, who previously was the intercessor of the head of the Central Interregional Directorate of the Ministry of Justice – the head of the Primus Vikonanna Security Department in the Kiev region.

Ministry of Justice will tell you what to do until the renewal a lot of officials in the vicinity of the Supreme Court. On the 9th day, the panel of judges of the Cassation Administrative Court of the Supreme Court at the warehouse of the additional witness Andriy Zhuk, judges Natalia Martinyuk and Zhanni Melnik-Tomenko discussed the decision of the Sixth Court of Appeal on the legality of the exile of the citizens ki RF z posad.

Right again sent to the Shostoy appeal court to the court for review.

As they say from the Ministry of Justice, the SBU found out that an official voluntarily took away a Russian passport.

From now on, according to law enforcement officials, 13 February 2014 arrived in Yalta and registered her place of residence. After the occupation, she returned to Crimea again and confiscated her Russian Federation passport at the registration office.

“Upon the hour of her arrival in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, according to the SBU, the ex-official had little contact with the Russian Federal Security Service,” they said. n' just.

Guess what, it became known earlier that in the now occupied Melitopol, the Russians are harassing “officials” who hold a Russian passport and appear to be acting as Ukrainian citizens.

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