• 18/06/2024 05:20

An oil depot of the occupiers burned down in Lugansk

In Lugansk </p>
<p> The oil depot is on fire in Lugansk </p>
<p>In temporarily occupied Lugansk, an oil depot of the Russian invaders burned down, the attack on which was reported yesterday evening. </p>
<p>This was reported by the head of the Lugansk ODA Artem Lysogor.</p>
<p>“It was burning in the evening. burns out in the morning. Rescuers in Lugansk were unable to cope with the consequences of a fire that broke out at a local oil depot last night,” he noted.</p>
<p>According to Lysogor, processed products burned out, infrastructure was destroyed, and the occupiers are looking for the culprits. “They say that APU. For us, the main thing is the result. The invaders themselves know that no one will restore such facilities for them,” Lysogor emphasized.</p>
<p>In addition, he noted that now it will become much more difficult to refuel Russian military equipment. A new logistics chain will have to be laid and fuel stored even further front line.</p>
<p>In April, in occupied Lugansk, the Ukrainian Defense Forces hit the command post of the Russian military group “Center”.</p>
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