• 22/06/2024 19:13

An undetonated warhead of a shahed was discovered in the Vinnytsia region

They also reported the wreckage of a Russian X-101 missile shot down in the area.

An undetonated warhead of a

A warhead of a Russian drone and fragments of an X-101 missile were discovered in Vinnytsia.

This was reported to the police of the Vinnytsia region.

” On March 29, the police received reports of the discovery of Shahed units and a missile shot down by air defense forces in two areas of the region. The warhead of the drone was not detonated,” the report says.

It was also noted that there were no casualties or damage to property.

Police explosives experts examined the crash site. After documenting the events, the parts will be seized and destroyed.

Yesterday night, Ukrainian defenders shot down 84 enemy air targets. In total, Russia fired 99 missiles of various types and attack drones. The targets of the attack were objects of the fuel and energy sector of Ukraine.< /p>


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