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Apartments, cars, and a hospital were on fire. Photos and videos of the aftermath of the attacks on Kharkov and Odessa

Russian military late in the evening after missile strikes on Kharkov, and after what in іч on 17 sіchnya undertook to attack the day of Ukraine with “Shaheds”, with their eyes firmly set on Odessa.

RBC-Ukraine in the material below shows the legacy of the enemy’s attacks on Kharkov and Odessa.

At the hour of preparation of the material The data was compiled from: Kharkiv OVA, Odessa OVA, DSNS, MVS, Pivdnya Defense Forces, the city of ZMI and the portal “Ship Authority”.


Late yesterday evening, after 21:42 the occupiers launched two missile strikes on Kharkov from the S-300 on the side of the Russian Belgorod. The missiles hit the other side of the river.

< p style="text-align: center;">Photo: a rocket in Kharkov hit the three-surface booths (t.me/synegubov)

During the attack, the Kholodnogirsk district of the city was destroyed. We know about at least 17 people who were injured. Among them are 16 females ranging from 38 to 90 years old and a 31-year-old man. Three of them were given help at the hospital, others were hospitalized. We also know about one dead person. In addition, the rioters evacuated 30 people.

Photo: legacy of the attacks on Kharkov (t.me/prokuratura_kharkiv)

In the area, the legacy of the attack was damaged facades There are about 20 apartment buildings, 14 cars.

Also in Kharkov, as a result of a missile strike, the doctor’s office caught fire, and there may be a corresponding destruction.

Photo : A hospital in Kharkov was damaged due to a missile attack (t.me/mozofficial)

Among 17 victims in Kharkov, nine were injured due to a hospital being damaged. The liquidation of the legacy of Russian terrorism is troubling.

Also, in Kharkov, through the night attack, the position of the court was significantly damaged. About what the portal “Sudova Vlada” reported and posted a photo.

Photo: the court in Kharkiv recognized the damage as a result of the Russian missile attack on the Kholodnogirsk district (court.gov.ua)

In the Kharkiv city they inform that through the attacks, 21 people were destroyed, including numbers 19 living budinki.

522 windows were knocked out with a zagalo. Now utility workers are quickly recovering from the remnants of a missile strike – closing broken windows and doors, repairing the facades of buildings.

Photo: in Kharkov, utility workers smell the remains of hostile attacks (t.me/citykharkivua)


It looked like a restless night in Odessa. During the hour of the night attack of the “Shaheds”, the area was pounding.

As it became clear, three people were injured as a result of the drone attack: a man and a woman were hospitalized with shrapnel wounds. Another woman, who was removing her slaughtered arm, was sent to the scene for help.

Also, as a result of the enemy’s blow, the gas pipe caught fire, and the existing damage was caused by one of the many surfaces of the place.

Photo : in Odessa, the apartments of a rich person were on fire (facebook.com/DSNSODE?locale=uk_UA)

Mistseve’s video “Dumska” writes that the victim did not lose his entire apartment. Zagalom ritualists decided to evacuate 130 residents of the building.

Photo: in Odessa, the Vibukhova hvilya damaged all the cars, and even a few burned down (facebook.com/DSNSODE?locale=uk_UA)

Photo: legacy of the attack on Odessa from DSNSODE (https://www.facebook.com/DSNSODE)

Purchas from the booth fired cars and two craters.

With tricks and Vibukhova khvilya damaged the borders and cars near the Primorsky district.

Also, as a result of the fall of the streets, the heat supply route was damaged.

Photo: the legacy of the “Shaheds” attack in Odessa (t.me/SJTF_Odes)

According to Oleg Kiper, the OVA warden, in Odessa, the legacy of the “Shaheds” attack without burning over hundreds of buildings. In his words, as a result of the deterioration of heat temperature, without burning, there are 58 booths in the city of Odessa. The term for the victory of the military is additional.

Shelling of Ukraine this night

Russian military forces last night were away from a massive attack by kamikaze drones “Shahad” and yesterday they terrorized Kharkov from B Elgorod, launching S-300 missiles. 17 people were injured, another one died.

In addition, on the 17th of today, in the vicinity of Odessa region, PPO forces shot down 11 drones. However, there are still inheritances. According to information from the OVA, three people were injured.

The occupiers also attacked Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy regions. There are no casualties there. At the end of this night, 10 shellings were recorded in 8 settlements of the region.

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