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Are you cooking your baby to the point of chopping? Doctor given for the sake of, as it is not worthy to ignore

Being a doctor is stressful for a child. Fathers should know a few important rules to allow their children not to be afraid of not only doctors, but also medical procedures that will heal the chips.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with its efforts for pediatricians and infectious diseases. Zionist Olenya Lutskaya.< /p> Advance preparation

The greatest fear, according to the doctor’s words, is the fear of the unknown.

“The little one senses anxiety and can sabotage the process in various ways through strong experiences. To the fathers, tell the fathers to change this degree of tension,” – apparently.

For example, it is much easier for a child to go to the doctor if we know that we will be at the appointment. Read a book about a doctor at home, play with a doctor with a special toy set, briefly explain what you will see at the reception: “At first the doctor will listen to you, then marvel at the doctor’s ear, touch your tummy and marvel at your It’s a throat. Perhaps, you should call again And it’s dying in height.”

The doctor is welcome – despite the need for vaccination, you won’t become unresponsive to the appointment. Tell us how you will be vaccinated, and that it is a small and quick injection.

“It is important to explain that getting vaccinated will give you superpower and you will not get sick from important infections. How can you tell a child about hair? niy dosvid – rozkazati , that you have been vaccinated and protected. The butt of fathers is a proper encouragement for the child,” states Lutska.

Scheduled time of visit

If it’s the baby’s hour of sleep or if he’s hungry, then stress is not caused by itself – and then there’s an additional need.

“It’s also important to choose the hour that will be helpful not only for you, but also for the child. For example Denen, if Ditin is good, I hoped up I є ethnicity by an active one, ” – as if INFTERS.


pogrosi on kshtalt – Budesh to his heavily worship, Pіdemo to the likar abschah, It is important for us to practice.

“If you manage to go to the doctor and get a proper injection, the child may think that she has done something wrong. The child will understand that going to the doctor is not a punishment, but about health and protection from serious illnesses. Also please explain what everything is “It’s safe to have a doctor,” explains the pediatrician.

It’s not good to give empty wraps

It’s normal for dads to worry. Prosecution of the truth or embellishment of the situation can create evil heat, and as a result, a negative effect. Lying is the surest way to waste trust. If you tell a child a lie, when you see a doctor, you will be even more nervous and tense.

First of all, you need to find out what may happen.

“Say that when pricked, babies can feel pain, we'll take just a few seconds. Sing what you will instruct. If you don't sing, if there's a splinter, then don't say that there will definitely be nothing. There is something you don’t know , and you need to work for him immediately: “We are going to the doctor and at the same time we are sleeping about this.” Naturally, the fathers want to calm the little one down and tell him that nothing unpleasant will happen. family “, – explains Lutska.

Encourage the child in her experiences

The doctor says that it is normal and natural to feel fear, anxiety, and more.

“Phrases on the script “it’s not so painful”, “calm down, there’s nothing scary!”, “don’t be afraid of anyone, but why are you afraid” do not start to make the baby feel uncomfortable, but only increase fear and seem to be calling out guilt. Give the baby more encouragement. Show child’s butt, who can turn back with fear, be a support for her,” – every pediatrician.

Treat with high anxiety

Fathers – guarantee the child’s peace and security and Father’s anxiety is passed on to the child.

“So, be positive, show joy when talking to the doctor, speak calmly. Of course, you have reasons for this – even the doctor helps you lose your health. If your baby is crying, you may feel like you’re doing something wrong, right? about you “trash” “Fathers.” Remember: you are wonderful fathers, even if you worry about your child and protect it from infection. I'm a doctor

It’s clear that Volodya’s doctor uses tools to calm the baby, but we can’t know your child like you. Adopt your favorite toy, sing your favorite song, or blow the miles of bubbles at once.

“If vaccination is already behind you, be sure to tell the child that you are writing to her: “You were afraid, but you would have seen It miraculously got stuck !” – point the butt of Lutsk.

Vaccination of children

For fathers, the health of children of any age is a priority. Vaccinating children is important for everyone, and it will also help protect them from getting sick. That’s why fathers need to know about the nuances. The report is in the material.

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